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Truly powerful solutions

  • Microsoft® Windows™ applications

  • Android™ and Apple® iOS® apps

  • Web sites and web apps

  • e-commerce sites, add-ons and integrations

  • Complete RFID solutions

  • Zebra® ISV and hardware reseller

  • Microsoft® Power BI™ (data visualisation/dashboards/reports)

  • Microsoft® Office™ & SharePoint™ add-ons and integrations

  • Unity® and Unreal Engine™ games, VR experiences and marketing projects

  • Specialised hardware inter-ops and controllers

  • System integration apps and services

  • Graphic design services

  • Project management

  • Computer and networking hardware supplies

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  • Android™, Apple® iOS™ or both, the choice is yours

  • Custom RFID applications for mobile and tablet devices (such as stock taking apps)

  • Build private apps for internal use only, or public facing apps for sale on the app stores

  • Modern design using the latest controls and tools

  • Google Cardboard™ virtual reality apps and experiences



With online sales becoming the key to growing and maintaining a success business, a fast, secure and reliable e-commerce site is imperative. Our team can create a professional looking site on one of the major platforms to engage customers and drive sales.

With fully integrated payment and shipping gateways, we can make the process nice and simple, while providing customers with all the features they have come to expect. We can also assist with SEO to drive traffic and analyse sales

But having a fantastic looking e-commerce site is just one piece of the puzzle, and that is our point of difference. We will work with closely with you to ensure a smooth integration with your current business processes and procedures, train staff, and continue to work with you as your site grows and requirements change

Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Industry leading platforms

  • Fully customised themes to suit your business

  • Automated product importing and updating

  • Shipping services integration

  • Advice on payment gateways and options

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Google Analytics™

  • Google® and Facebook® ads

  • Assistance with business process design and implementation

  • System integration and interop software (Automatically generating orders and invoices in your ERP system for example)

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Unleash the potential of your existing software and systems by creating solutions that unify them. Align technical processes and events with your business processes, instead of working within the restrictions of one software package or another

Automate processes, simplify staff interactions, reduce or remove human error and boost productivity. Just some of the ways we can help:

  • Integrate the systems across your business

  • Automate processes

  • Data import and replication apps

  • Expand the capabilities of existing software

  • Remove bottlenecks caused by rigid software

  • Produce solutions which control third party apps

  • Integrate your phone system and core software – e.g., Automatically open a client’s records in your ERP or practice management software, when answering a call from a recognised phone number

  • Automatically print shipping labels and manifests when invoices are generated, and book pick up with courier

  • Replicate products in your ERP solution to your e-commerce web site

  • Microsoft® Office™ integrations and add ons

  • RFID and barcode solutions for automating warehouse and stock control



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Do you struggle to get pricing updates and stock information from your suppliers? Perhaps pricing updates are provided, however updating your ERP or stock management system is a manual process? Would you like to automate the entire process and know that your stock pricing and information is as up to date as possible?

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In most cases, we can help! With our stock update services we offer:

  • Scheduled collection of stock information (including images, cross references, fitment details, etc) from your suppliers’ websites

  • Data filtering, formatting and conversion to suit your stock management solution

  • Import files automatically emailed to you (where applicable)

  • Custom apps to automatically update your stock management solution, e-commerce site or ERP



From business apps to increase productivity and profitability, to building a profitable e-commerce business, to the next Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we can build what you need

Connect with us today and let’s get started


Did you know you could get a tax rebate of up to 43.5% of your R&D related expenses (such as software development projects)? It's true, thanks to the Australian Government Research and Development Tax Incentive

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Australian Government Research and Development Tax Incentive

Did you know you could get a tax rebate of up to 43.5% of your R&D related expenses (such as software development projects)? It's true, thanks to the Australian Government Research and Development Tax Incentive

This incentive is to drive innovation in Australia and provide assistance to companies, and can substantially reduce your costs with large tax rebates

We are here to help with the initial application, and our development documentation is designed to comply with the reporting requirements. This means that we provide all required technical documentation to ensure compliance and get you the maximum claim amount possible

Please note: Depending on your company's annual turnover, the R & D TI provides either a refundable or non-refundable tax offset

  • 43.5% refundable tax offset is available to companies with an annual turnover of less than $20 million

  • 38.5% non-refundable tax offset is available to companies with an annual turnover is more than $20 million

Click here for more information, or contact us and we will happily discuss the possibilities with you



We only use industry leading coding languages, controls, tools and hosting platforms. Partnering with reputable Australian based providers, as well as the 2 largest players in the industry (both of which have local data centres) with Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure platforms

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  • Modern design using the latest technologies and controls

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Google® and Facebook® ads

  • Full suite of hosting services, SSL certificates, email hosting and more

  • Integration with existing sites, on-site software and 3rd party systems


Unlock the power of your data by creating eye catching reports, with live information. Make additional calculations, add filters, set sales targets the possibilities are endless. With Power BI we can pull data from multiple databases, files and other data sources to create modern reports and dashboards, fully customised to your needs. Power BI reports are also interactive, for example, drill down into sales figures to view the breakdown by customer or select a customer and have current page report figures for that customer only.

Don’t be limited by your current software’s report offering, expand on it with Power BI. Just a few applications are:

  • Sales dashboards

  • Comprehensive profit & loss reports for management

  • Interactive reports and dashboards that allow staff to zero in on the data that matters

  • Amalgamation of data from multiple systems and data sources

  • Live sales target monitoring

  • Much, much more

Click here for more information on the Microsoft® Power BI web site